Dean Oshida: Executive Director

Dean Oshida has served as Executive Director of IHDC since 2003. Dean has over 25 years experience in the human services field. He holds an M.S. in Education/Counseling from San Francisco State University.

Wai La: Property Manager

Wai La has been IHDC’s Property Manager since 2006. He has worked at IHDC since 1999. Wai has served IHDC in many capacities and brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization. He is fluent in three Asian dialects.

Blair Czarecki: Program Director

Blair Czarecki has served as the IHDC Program Director since Summer 2013.  She holds a Masters degree in Dietetics with a concentration in Community Health , and is presently working towards a dual Masters in International Public Health.


Suse Nakata
Victor Seeto
Srey Heng
Loan Ly
Sam Soun
Nancy Ong

Bruno Hicks, Emeritus

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